Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Programming Interface
A specific program, which allows your product or service to be linked up with other products and services. Currently it is an increasing trend in the way companies exchange data and services and we are very much wanting to be part of this trend.
Having an API is widely seen as the next necessity of business development, in order to create efficient business relationships which can be established and maintained in an online, 24/7 digital economy. It is similar to about a decade ago, when companies where debating the importance of having a website, today, companies are seeing a similar importance in having an API. Therefore to operate and compete effectively, an API is necessary.
Our Business Translation API does exactly the same as Ease (our online ordering system). You decide which content goes through the plug-in. We'll give you an API user key that is linked to your account in our admin system, and any requests will automatically create new projects.
Yes, you as the client must validate what is translated. Although to some degree the translation is automated, you are ultimately in control.
A string is a small extract of text that requires translating, rather than a larger chunk such as a paragraph. A string could be something like a tweet or a comment on a website.
Yes, they can be translated by our professional translators. However, machine translation is a cost-effective and fast option.
The API lets you choose which service level best fits your requirements. Our API offers our full range of service options.
Lingo24's core values are quality, personalised service and proactivity. We offer high-quality translations, tailored to your requirements, plus a dedicated team who will always be available to help you. Furthermore, we'll proactively work with you to make your workflow more efficient, and identify ways to deliver added value and greater efficiency to your business.
Yes, you can invite as many colleagues as you wish to have access to the API.
Our Business Translation API customers pay as they do now. For the Premium Machine Translation API, we'll ask you to add your credit card and send you a monthly bill.
Since every client has different translation needs, costs will vary. Our Business Translation API uses the same pricing model as all our other translation services. It's similar to ordering via Ease, our online translation management system, except it's through a computer program. Our Premium Machine Translation API is available on a choice of monthly plans, depending on usage (similar to broadband plans).
Yes, our free plan allows you to translate up to 100,000 words per month via our Machine Translation API.
The driver for further creation of API's has been to support mobile development. API's are very useful for commerce, payments, social, cloud computing and much more, but mobile phone and tables are the main reason for the continous creation of API's.