Premium Machine Translation API

Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT) is a cost-effective, quick translation option for large volumes of content, or cases where it is not feasible to use a translator.

The Lingo24 Premium Machine Translation API provides direct, secure, high volume access to our Premium Machine Translation Engines. Encrypted using SSL and with no data storage at Lingo24, you can translate safely with no data privacy concerns.

Ideal for those scenarios where no post-editing is required, such as gisting (getting a basic understanding of a source text), real-time translation (tweets, IM chat, etc) or sentiment analysis, the Premium MT API enables easy access to raw machine translation.

If you need post-edited MT, please refer to our Business Documents API from which you can access a wide variety of translation services blending machine translation with professional human translation.

Our Engines

For users getting started with MT, we provide a range of vertical engines which cover many common content domains such as Banking & Finance, Information Technolgy, etc. These engines are designed to provide higher quality output than generic engines commonly available.

The next step for many users is to create their own bespoke engine based on their own translation memories or content using our Professional Services team. These engines are also able to be accessed via the API, with auto-detection provided to prioritise your bespoke engines over default vertical ones where available.

Supported Languages

Currently we have vertical engines for many major languages including English; French; German; Spanish; Italian; Russian; and Portuguese. You can access the exact language pair supported using our API. These are continually being added to so if you have another requirement, feel free to contact us.

API Specification